Beta Three Boosts Up the 2016 Ocean Music Festival

(June 2016, Qinhuangdao, China)

The 2016 Ocean Music Festival was back this summer at Biluota Beach where it started Three years ago. The festival lasted for 2 days, bringing a music feast to the audience.

Two stage were set up for this music feast with one of the stage only five meters from the shore line.
For the main stage,  a set of Beta Three weatherproof line array system TLA121F was set up, system contained 12 full range speaker TLA121F and 8 sub extension TLB218F each side, 10 x monitors X212M/86 on the stage. All powered by Beta Three Norm amps. Beta Three digital processors ΣC2600 were used to optimize the sound.

For the small stage,  4 x CL110 full range + 2 x CL212B sub + 2 x MU18B bass extension each side were installed.


Products employed     24 x Beta Three TLA121F

                                  16 x Beta Three TLB218F

                                  10 x Beta Three X212M/86 (discontinued)

                                  Beta Three Norm amps

                                  Beta Three ΣC2600

                                  8 x CL110

                                 4 x CL212B sub

                                 4 x MU18B


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