Line Array Series

    The Beta Three® Line Array Series speakers have been designed and engineered to European standards. Constructed of premium birch plywood they offer high output with a smooth frequency response in professional portable or installed applications.
  • TLX214a + TLX1...

    14'' Active Line Array System

  • TLA21S

    Self-powered line array system

  • TLA-101

    Dual 10'' 2-way Line Array Speaker System

  • TLB-101

    Dual 12'' Subwoofer

  • TLA-121

    Dual 12'' 2-way Line Array Speaker System

  • TLB-121F

    Dual 15'' Subwoofer

  • TLB-218

    Dual 18'' Subwoofer

  • SLA10H

    3-Way Full Range Speaker

  • SLA212B

    2×12” LF speaker

  • CL110

    2-Way Full Range Speaker

  • CL212B

    2 x 12' Subwoofer

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