Self-powered line array system
TLA21S line array system consists of four TLA21R(right) or fourTLA21L(left) satellites and a TLB218a powered subwoofer. TLA21R/TLA21L is a compact, high power, light weight unit with 2x1.7" compression drivers and 1x10'' woofer. TLB218a is a dual 18" high power subwoofer with two amplifiers, one for driving the subwoofer TLB218a(4500W), the other for driving four satellites(900Wx4). A flying frame is included for connecting the satellites and subwoofer together to make a ground stacking system. The frame can also be used for flying up to 8xTLA21R/TLA21L in a line.

2 x 1.7" HF driver with perfect matching Wave Guide and differential Horn
1 x 10" high end high power Neodymium LF driver

2 x 18" premium drivers
Two high power amplifiers

System assembly is simple and fast.
A flying frame can either be used for flying the satellites or connecting the satellites and subwoofer to make a ground stacking system.

Construction Plywood

TLA21R/TLA21L: 2 x 1.7" HF + 1 x 10'' LF
TLB218a: 2 x 18'' LF

Frequency Response(-3db)

TLA21R/TLA21L: LF:65Hz-3kHz HF: 1kHz-20kHz
TLB218a: 40Hz-200Hz

Amplifier Power

4500W+900W x 4

Amplifier Type

Class D

Maximum SPL (1m)

TLA21R/TLA21L: LF: 116dB/122dB (peak), HF: 131dB/137dB (peak)
TLB218a: 132dB/138dB (peak)

Power Supply

AC 220V-240V~, 50/60Hz (or AC 110V-120V~, 50/60Hz)

Dispersion(H x V)

120° x 30° (TLA21R/TLA21L)

Connector TLA21L/TLA21R: 2 x NL4
TLB218a: 6 x XLR
Dimension(WXHXD) TLA21L/TLA21R: 567 x330 x 275 mm
TLB218a: 567 x 1075 x 786 mm
Net Weight

TLA21L/TLA21R: 13.3kg
TLA21a/TLB218a: 96Kg

Frame: 19kg

Gross Weight

TLA21L/TLA21R: 15.1kg
TLA21a/TLB218a: 101Kg

Frame: 20.5kg

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