TLX214a + TLX118Ba
14'' Active Line Array System
The TLX214a is an active 2-way line array module for small & medium events of indoors and outdoors. Equipped with 1 x neodymium driver and 2 x75mm drivers, it offers excellent sound quality and high SPL. TLX214a is driven by an onboard amplifier with DSP which provides 4 presets for users to select according to different applications. The optimized construction and high efficiency transducers makes TLX214a a compact enclosure with max SPL 132dB. TLX214a offers practical horizontal of 120 degree and can be curved up from 0 to 10˚ for each element. TLX118Ba is an active 18'' subwoofer, ideally paired with TLX214a for bass reproduction. The 3-point rigging system offers easy and quick set-up and allows TLX214a and TLX118Ba to suspend in an array. The TLX214a/TLX118Ba cabinets are constructed of Russian birch plywood and coated with a durable polyster finish to ensure maximum acoustical and mechanical integrity.
  • Cutting edge 14'' line array technology
  • Customized B&C high performance transducers
  • Customized waveguide
  • Switching mode technology grants reliability and robustness.
  • Built-in DSP with 4 presets
  • 3-point rigging system for quick set-up

Construction Plywood

TLX214a: 2 x 3" HF + 1 x 14'' LF
TLX118Ba: 1 x 18'' LF

Frequency Response(-3db)

TLX214a: LF:45Hz-3kHz HF: 500Hz-18kHz
TLX118Ba: 40Hz-200Hz

Amplifier Power

TLX214a: 700W x 2
TLX118Ba: 1400W

Amplifier Type

Class D

Maximum SPL (1m)

TLX214a: LF: 124dB/130dB (peak), HF: 126dB/132dB (peak)
TLX118Ba: 124dB/130dB (peak)

Power Supply

AC 220V-240V~, 50/60Hz (or AC 110V-120V~, 50/60Hz)

Dispersion(H x V)

Horizontal: 120°

Vertical: Varies, depending on array length and configuration

Input Connector TLX214a: 1 x XLR
TLX118Ba: 1 x XLR
Output Connector TLX214a: 1 x XLR
TLX118Ba: 2 x XLR

TLX214a: 660 x 489 x 440 mm
TLX118Ba: 660 x 807 x 568 mm

Frame: 660 x 829 x 110 mm

Net Weight

TLX214a: 33.5kg
TLX118Ba: 53.2kg

Gross Weight

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